Every semester an automated process is carried out on each campus to compare computer accounts for students, faculty and staff with information stored in the Rutgers University databases. Accounts found to be “no longer current” are marked for deletion, and an email message is sent to each account warning of the impending closing of that account. Please note that this process does not impact ScarletMail accounts in the same manner. Please refer to the ScarletMail FAQ for more information about that service.

Accounts to Be Deleted

The most recent account deletions will take place on December 1, 2015, for faculty/staff and for students. The accounts slated for deletion may be found on the following lists for the clam and crab servers:

Account Reinstatement

Anyone on a deletion list who believes their status at Rutgers qualifies them for a computer account should email rohrman@camden.rutgers.edu. The email should contain the account holder’s first name, last name and account name/NetID.

Data Backup

Anyone with an account marked for deletion is encouraged to copy or back up any important data either to an account on another system or to a flash drive. If OIT-Camden is not contacted before the deletion date, it cannot guarantee that any data lost during the closing of an account will be recovered, even if the account itself can be reopened.

Student Accounts During Semesters Off

Students who are not registered for classes during the current semester (summer sessions excluded) will have their computer accounts closed. This is a policy for which there are no exceptions. Once the student has registered for classes again, and the university databases contain a record of the registration, the account may be reopened using the RATS account creation tool.