Email Addresses

FAQs for Email Addresses

This category is an overview of Rutgers email accounts and aliases. For details about ScarletApps and Rutgers Connect setup, see the instructions in those categories.

If your question isn't answered or you still need help, email or call (856) 225-6274. The OIT-Camden Help Desk is in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab. Staff members are available during regular operating hours.

What is my Rutgers email address?
Where do I log in to my email on the web?
What is an email alias? How do I find out if I have any?
Can I create a custom email alias?
How do I forward my Rutgers email to another address?
I don’t think I’m receiving emails. What do I do?
Can I keep my email address after leaving Rutgers?
Are there alumni email accounts?
Can we get a departmental email account?
Can we get a student organization email account?