Faculty and Staff Accounts

The new Human Capital Management (HCM)/Payroll system that became active Jan. 1, 2011, must now be used by the hiring department to create a record for all new (or returning) employees. The HCM/Payroll system is a part of RIAS and is available online.

After the employee information has been entered into the HCM/Payroll database it must then be approved by your unit’s business manager. Within 24 hours of approval, the employee will be automatically assigned a NetID. Employees can activate their NetIDs and create a computer account for email and other IT services, by going to https://netid.rutgers.edu.

OIT will provide Emergency NetIDs to employees with Social Security Numbers who need access to electronic services to perform their assigned duties and whose on-boarding process has been delayed.  A departmental Human Resources representative or a hiring authority may use the following link to request an Emergency NetID for a user:  https://www.acs.rutgers.edu/peopleguest