The Scantron iNSIGHT 4ES Scanner is an easy-to-learn optical mark recognition scanner which has a form throughput rate of up to 2,800 sheets per hour and a fixed, automatic feed hopper that holds 100 sheets and helps eliminate continual form reloading and constant operator attention.

Using continuous self diagnostics, the iNSIGHT 4ES alerts you when it detects conditions that may affect data accuracy. The scanner’s sheet thickness detector helps ensure the scanner reads only one sheet at a time and the sheet-skew detection helps ensure proper registration while scanning.


Loading Forms Onto the Scanner

  1. Press the Input Tray Lever to lower the Lower Input Tray and load the answer key or test form face up with the black scoring marks at the bottom of the paper facing you.
  2. Once the forms are loaded, release the Input Tray Lever.

Filling Out Forms

The basic form is a red form titled “ParScore Score Sheet – Scantron Form F-1712-ERI-L”. This form is used in two ways: as an Answer Key and the Test Form.

Answer Keys

  • The answer key must have the Test Form box filled in so that it corresponds to the appropriate test. For example, if there are two versions of the same test version A should have A filled in the Test Forms box and the answers for version A filled in. Same for version B. If there is only one version of the test, you need to only fill in A in the Test Forms box and then the correct answers.
  • The answer key must have all the correct answers filled in on the form.
  • That is all that is needed. Name, I.D. Number, Exam Number and Phone Number are all unnecessary.

Test Forms

Students must enter at least the following information:

  • I.D. Number: This must be nine numbers long so there will be one blank space that isn’t filled in. It can be right justified or left justified; meaning there can be one space before the I.D. Number or one space after the I.D. Number.
  • Test Form: This must be filled out to the version of the test they are taking. For example, they should put Test Form filled out to A if they are taking test version A.
  • Name: The student must enter a name. If the student only enters the last name this will be accepted as a valid name
  • The correct answers need to be filled in by the student in the Score Sheet section.
  • Other fields (phone number, Code, Exam Number) are not required.

Fixing Paper Jams

If there is a paper jam, raise the Sheet Deflector and/or Read Head and remove the jammed paper. If the paper has become wrinkled, try to flatten it so it doesn’t jam again. Lower the Sheet Defelector and/or Read Head before continuing.