It is important to back up work on a regular basis. When backing up files, use a different drive and folder or disk for the storage location. Do not try to create the backup in the same location as the one where the course files are stored.

Backup files are encrypted and cannot be modified. They are used for restoration if the original files are erased or damaged.

Backing Up Files

  1. Select the course to be backed up from the Course List dialog.
  2. Select Backup. The Course Backup Options dialog displays.
  3. The selected Course Description indicates the course number, course title, description and file reference number. Note the file reference number and keep it in a safe place.
  4. To use the Protected Password Option, enter a protected password containing up to 20 characters. If you use this option, don’t forget this password.
  5. If the course is not backed up with a password, only the primary user can restore the backup course to the Course List. Using a password allows other users to share the backup course and become the primary user of the course in their own Course List.
  6. Confirm Password by re-entering the password.
  7. Under Backup Course Data To, select a folder where the course will be backed up. The Select Directory dialog opens.
  8. Select a drive and folder for the backups. Be sure this is a different location from where the course files reside.
  9. Choose Select. A confirmation message displays.
  10. Select Yes.
  11. Select Yes to create a backup folder. The Create Folder dialog opens.
  12. Enter a new name.
  13. Select “OK.”
  14. The Course Backup Options dialog displays.
  15. Select “OK.”