Phishing Alert: New message from “Rutgers”

From: Do_Not_Reply <> Subject: New message from “Rutgers”  Dear Customer, We noticed some unusual activity in your Rutgers E-mail account.To help protect you, we’ve temporarily blocked your account. How can you unblock your account? The fastest way to unblock your email account is to login verify your account. *Link Removed*Web-Admin RUTGERS

Phishing Alert: new 2016 blue zimbra interface

From: News <> Subject: Start using the new 2016 blue zimbra interface  To all Staff/Student We are introducing the new  2016 blue zimbra interface, almost everyone is enjoying the benefit, so try it now here:  *Link Removed*

Phishing Alert: Missing some new updated functions

 From: <> Subject: Missing some new updated functionsHi, We notice that your email account has not yet been upgraded to our new client and for this reason your email account is having some slow mail server and also missing some new updated functions, to start running the new client follow the HTTP URL and access … Read more of Phishing Alert: Missing some new updated functions

Phishing Alert: RE: Ict Services

From: Asnaashari, Siamak@ARB [] To: Asnaashari, Siamak@ARB Subject: RE: Ict Services  IT Administrator has currently upgraded all mailboxes (size to 250.0GB). Please upgrade your account by clicking on faculty&staff *Link Removed*

Phishing Alert: Dear Email User

From: Borodzik, Melissa [] To: Borodzik, Melissa Dear Email User, There has been an automatic security update on your email address. CLICK HERE *Link Remove* here to complete update. Please note that you have within 24 hours to complete this update because you might lose access to your Email Box. Thanks, T Support Team.