A NetID is a unique identifier assigned to each new Rutgers student and employee. Usually it consists of a person's initials and a number, such as jqs23.

The NetID and corresponding password are used to access nearly every secure system and technology at the university, including email, learning management systems, library resources, wireless internet and computers in labs.

In addition to this ID and the password, you will be assigned one or more roles at the university, such as student, employee or guest. These roles help determine which systems you can access by default.

Before you can use your NetID to access Rutgers systems and services, you must activate it. See the related information on activation.

Last updated August 8, 2016

If your question isn’t answered or you still need help, email help@camden.rutgers.edu or call (856) 225-6274. The OIT-Camden Help Desk is in the Rutgers Student Computer Lab on the main floor of Robeson Library. Staff members are available during regular operating hours.

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