If you are a student, your NetID will stay active as long as you are a registered student. If you take a semester off or leave, your account will be closed and any files you uploaded to Rutgers servers will be removed.

The NetIDs of graduating students will remain open one year after the date of completing graduation requirements. As the end of the one year approaches, they will receive an email reminder that the account will be closed. Alumni have the option to retain their ScarletMail accounts, but they must take action to do this before the end of the one year. Any files outside of ScarletApps will be removed from Rutgers servers.

Employee NetID accounts are normally closed when an employee leaves the university, but employees leaving Rutgers after 10 or more years of service may ask to retain their NetID as a guest. Use the Guest Request System to make the make the request. Include complete information for a sponsor (normally a department chair or administrative assistant). Your sponsor will receive an email asking for approval of the request.

If an employee is laid off, their NetID may remain active for up to 18 months.

Last updated June 15, 2016

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